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Secure Your Business

Guardian offers many security solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities.

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Access Control Systems

Guardian Alarm can design, install and maintain a keyless access system that provides employee safety while shielding business owners from internal and external losses. Access systems also reduce the time and costs involved with re-keying traditional door locks.

In every access control system, entries and exits are allowed by entering a code, swiping a magnetically striped card through a reader, or passing a badge near a proximity reader., whether it’s one door for small businesses or large multi-site facilities. Activity is electronically recorded by a stand alone program, via PC or integrated on your network.

In addition, Guardian Alarm can monitor your card access system from our Monitoring Station, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and the personnel need to administer changes and maintenance.


Managed Access Control

Protect Your Facilities—On Your Terms


Add or Remove Cardholders

You can add or remove a cardholder from your system instantly. All actions are real-time, so there’s no need to wait for the system to refresh to see updates. You control your data.


Manage and Monitor Doors

Do you need to keep the doors open past their normal schedule or perhaps open them for an employee who has forgotten his access card or do you need to confirm the status of your doors and locks? The door management capability lets you control and monitor your doors from anywhere!


Run System and History Reports

Did you have an incident last night and want to see who entered the facility last? Using the report generator in the web browser, you have the ability to run reports on an event—or view your entire database history.


In addition, you can create report templates and schedules to run your reports automatically as a one-time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis and you can specify the number of days to look back (example provide a weekly report for the last 10 days). All you have to do to check the latest reports is open an e-mail!

  • Cardholder Reports - who has access to this door(s)
  • Door Activity
  • Card Audit
  • Database History
  • Access Levels
  • Time Schedules…and more!

Don’t be tied to your security system! Call today to schedule a personal demonstration and see firsthand how web-based managed access control can help you harness the power of the web to help protect your facility.

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