Business Security Solutions

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Secure Your Business

Guardian offers many security solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities.

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Business Security Intrusion Systems

Protect your home or business from more than just crime!

Guardian Alarm offers a host of monitored devices to keep your property safe from weather, faulty equipment and accidents.


Product Information


Business Security System Command Center

tuxedo touchOur keypads are easy to use and connected to Guardian’s monitoring center for protection and support around the clock. They’re attractive and complement any décor. Graphic touch screens make it easy for you to takeadvantage of your business security system features. These keypads feature intuitive graphical displays that let you quickly program and access system features.

A business message center helps keep everyone in touch. Access your security system with the touch of a button, from inside or outside your business. Our key fobs let you hear system status spoken to you in clear English, too.

You can also remotely arm and disarm your system and even be notified when there are events! 



Door and Window Contacts

Perimeter Protection

contactsThe best way to protect your business is by keeping burglars out with these devices that detect when your doors and windows are opened. We offer a variety of contacts, including recessed and surface mounted.




Motion and Glass Break Detectors

glassbreak detectormotion detectorAdvanced Interior Protection

Senses intruder movement or the sound of breaking glass inside your business.





sirenAudible Alarm Notification

Interior and exterior sirens emit a loud noise when your home security system is triggered, which notifies your employees and neighbors of trouble.




Panic Button

sirenPersonal Protection

A lightweight, wearable pendant that will activate your business security system from anywhere in your building, anytime you feel nervous or threatened.


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